Does your logo or broader digital marketing footprint portray your company accurately?  Does it present your brand as you desire?  As an instrumental piece of Kaiban Consulting’s marketing presence, we placed a painstaking number of hours is designing our logo.

Colors have meaning.  The deep blue represents the knowledge we bring to our clients and the calming trust that we bring to the relationship.  The gold reflects the newness of dawn’s rising sun and the hope that’s produced by positive energy and intellectual creativity.  Green signifies harmonious growth and success.  Finally, grey balances the palette with formality and sophistication.

Symbols have meaning too.  The halo reflects the goals that we help our clients identify and achieve.  The bridge has a strong, supportive appearance. The gradual increase from the cables signify connection and growth. We hope that our logo portrays the strong and balanced presence that drives our approach.  The clean lines denote the professionalism and accuracy we bring to each challenge.  Finally, notice the many “sets of two” appearing throughout the design.  It’s apparent in our Two Arrows design and more subtly in our Bridge design.  These sets of two represent our commitment to “Yes, and…” solutions.  For example, yes, our contract reviews highlight risks and they identify cost savings opportunities.  Yes, our financial models help develop supply chain strategies and they inspire many contract provisions.  Yes, our logo is cool and meaningful and so are our other branded images.

The two arrows are the “win-win”s or “Yes, and…” solutions that we provide.  The bridge is the route we take to get you there.  At the end of the day, we hope our digital presence is engaging.  We hope our logos are fun and appealing.  Most importantly, we hope you find our work valuable.