Strategy Development and Implementation

Is every part of your business ready to take advantage of market trends?  Are there opportunities to operate more efficiently?  We help clients create and implement strategies to meet their goals.

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Document Drafting and Review

Need a trained attorney to create or review documents?  Want help creating negotiation plans with clients or policy documents for employees?  We’ve been doing this for over 10 years at lower prices than a typical attorney.  Kaiban Consulting doesn’t practice law or provide legal advice, which is how we pass cost savings to you.

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Financial Analysis and Modeling

We’ll show you how our proposals can help you make more (or spend less) money.  This is especially helpful for startups and businesses in transition.

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Yes, AND…

Our competitive advantage is creating solutions that each provide more than one value.  A contract review should align with your company’s strategy, and highlight risks and revenue opportunities.  A financial model should account for your company’s performance and market trends.

To make this happen, Kaiban Consulting uses Kaizen, Kanban and Agile principles to create impactful solutions — for large decisions and trivial tasks.  All that means is that we tackle problems differently than our competition.

Small businesses like us because they can apply our customized solutions to future scenarios without having to engage us again.  They retain us because they know they’ll get more of the same!


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We’re so confident that we can begin providing immediate value that we offer free consultations.

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